Professional with extensive experience in public, private and international development sectors while working on national and international/multilateral assignments in the areas of international trade law and WTO, trade policy & management, international negotiations, bilateral and regional trade issues, economic/trade regulations and compliance, trade in services and domestic regulations, competition and investment issue, intellectual property policy and compliance, project management and capacity building/technical assistance.

A rich and unique combination of educational and professional qualifications in Law, Public Policy, Economics, Accounting/Finance and Biotechnology.

Worked as team leader and member dealing with stakeholders at various levels such as ministers and high level officials, sitting in management board, establishing linkages and liaison with relevant national and international organizations, private sector, research institutions and civil society.

Worked at national and international levels with different countries especially the developing countries, small states/SVEs, LDCs and conflict-hit countries. He is a Member of the Association of Certified Commercial Diplomats, London (ACCD), American Society of International Law (ASIL) and Swiss Arbitration Association (ASA).

In the public service arena, launched a nonprofit initiative for intellectual property rights in Pakistan. Established intellectual property academy of Pakistan and the intellectual property society of Pakistan.