Parallel Worlds

Dear friends and followers,

I have been working on my research and book on Parallel Worlds since long. Some friends are expecting the book launch soon; however it is taking much more effort and time than I expected.

The main reason is that I did not know how deep this area of knowledge is. I have been trying to capture the ideas and bring these to close but thus far it seems very tough. What I am thinking to do is that I would share some of the ideas and finding here, through my blog, so that you all can see and comment on these.

Ahmad, 24 July 2012

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  1. In written science fiction, “new dimensions” more commonly — and more accurately — refer to additional coordinate axes , beyond the three spatial axes with which we are familiar. By proposing travel along these extra axes, which are not normally perceptible , the traveler can reach worlds that are otherwise unreachable and invisible.

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